Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The perfect wallet.

Listen. I've been searching for the perfect wallet for a long time. I carried around 2 "wallets" prior to this one--the Comme des Garcons small wallet in green clover for all bills, receipts and cards and a VisVim coin pouch. (I still love both and carry both with me for other purposes) For any normal person, this might have worked, but for some reason, whether it being my getting used to having to use so many coins for Yen OR that I'm just plain slow and slightly unorganized, I needed an easier system. Enter Hiroko Hayashi, a Japanese accessories designer based in Italy, who has designed, in my opinion, the perfect wallet.

Her range of long wallets are innovative and fun. The coin pouch opens to the entire wallet like an envelope, making it easy to see and access coins. (If you travel and use different currencies often OR if you enjoy giving exact change, this can be very handy). Eight slots for Cards and IDs are easily accessible as well as 3 compartments for bills, receipts and other. The designs are fun and quirky with great use of textures and colors. Beautiful leather. The only down side for some women is the size...but I'm a city girl, prepared for anything and everything with my BIG bag and now perfect wallet.